I did the most changing in these times.

I thought it odd that my best friend's boyfriend embarks today into his one year anniversary of staying in Seattle, and today I enter into my 8th month anniversary of living in San Jose. Odd because the difference of time is only 4 months, yet, for some reason I feel that he's lived there longer and I've lived here shorter (without it being quite obvious, I realize.) What I mean to say is, in the 4 months he was out of Fresno, I didn't spend thinking and planning and saving for a move. In fact, I decided 3 weeks before I moved that I was going to move. The fact that I'm still here baffles me. I mean, my only incentive is living. And when you don't cut out all the societal stigmas, the bullshit of higher education, the philosophy of life driven by reason, the gas prices and the high price of rent, and all the rest of it... living is just not a good enough answer in 2008.

8 months in means 4 months left and at the start of 2009, I'm not sure where I'll find myself. Nomadic living or perverse lifestyles always seemed more fitting. My thirst for living exceeds staying put in the same spot for too long. When all of this is done, I'll have no money to my name, but at least I'll have a piece of paper that says I achieved something worth higher pay. And on I'll go to pay off some debts. 

This could be easily summed up into: "I can't believe it's already August."

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