Fucked up.

I was so dizzy I couldn't begin to stand up. Every time I tried to walk closer to let him know I wasn't well, my legs shook and I gave in. The room was spinning then and my stomach felt queasy. My mouth filled with saliva, and I became scared. I crawled out to the hallway and shouted for help. I was trembling by this point, and I felt like I was drunk. He picked me up and carried me to my room. I was scared and nervous and worried. When he left the room, scenes from an old horror film ran through my mind. I felt nauseous, and I felt the insides of my stomach crawl quickly up my throat and into my mouth. I opened my mouth to call for him but small, hard balls began to fill my mouth instead. The strength in my legs returned, and I was able to run. As I did, I shouted my condition, and, in disbelief, he met me at the bathroom. The balls poured out of my mouth, and I shut my eyes tightly. I prayed he wouldn't tell me what they were or what they looked like. I desperately tried to remember what I ate but nothing came to mind. I returned to my room, still frightened by the feeling that came over me. I laid still, but the room continued to spin slowly.

The dogs began to bark then. Loud enough for me to slowly open my eyes and realize I must've fallen asleep.

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