"This is what you do, you're a gypsy."

It's weird knowing I'm leaving a place permanently in just a few short weeks, yet I still allow myself to get close to people I wouldn't have ever known had I not moved in the first place. I've been very content with the people I've met this year: the majority of them have been awesome.

People hear rumors, and I always get so embarrassed when I have to go. I'm not good with "goodbyes." Almost as bad as I am with "hellos."

So I tell myself I want to settle, but I love the feeling of being the "new" girl. And what's so wrong with that?

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Aurore said...

Hey girl. I have been reading through your entries this morning and you are blowing my mind. So much of what you say is articulate and beautifully written and it only makes me wish that I had taken advantage of your time in Fresno. Ugh. Selfish! I'm glad you made contact. Let's stay with it.