When one door closes.

I guess I can thank Jeremy in the end. No, I think in the end I'll thank myself. (Maybe the Beginning will allow him to have a little spot.) When I left San Jose, I ran out the back door. I left the same way I came in: without anyone knowing. And although I'm leaving Phoenix rather quickly, it's only because time doesn't permit. There is an undeniable beauty in this desert, the way the sun sets behind the rigid mountains and how the sky turns purple and pink at dusk. I loved Phoenix most after the rain because the sky would be clear enough to see the mountain ranges from all directions. I'm sad I won't see the monsoons but with the monsoon season comes humidity and unbearable heat (everything happens for a reason.) Making friends in Phoenix was hard and as the saying goes, "Anything worth it doesn't come easy." I suppose that although I may have had more memories in San Jose of going out and "being 21," Phoenix allowed me to realize my true foundations. And with that recognition, I am ready to change. I never thought I'd say this, but, I'm truly sad to go. It's interesting how quickly things change and especially how much things change based off of one decision. In this case, I decided to burn a 17 month bridge at Whole Foods Market, but it needed to happen. I saw myself being a cashier at a grocery store forever (at that rate.) Which is totally fine, but I know the fire inside was submitting. Life is exciting to me now because I'd like to come back to Phoenix, but I also know that now is not the right time. And being able to admit that just feels so good. It makes the future seem exciting. I'm sad to say goodbye, but I know I'll visit often.

Thank you, Phoenix. For allowing me to grow, for teaching me the virtue of patience, for attracting me to positive people, for allowing me to reconnect with my Mother (Earth), for allowing me to achieve balance of my mind, body, and soul. Although short-lived, my experience here has been immense. I will take the conversations and the surroundings and keep them close to my heart. Until we meet again...

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Brooke Williams said...

i miss you! my birthday is tomorrow and i am no longer a minor! hootyhoo.