I had a dream and my mom was somewhat present, I mean, I could feel her there in spirit but she wasn't physically there. I'm not sure if that's important or not, but it's comfortable still. And there was this male figure and I don't know exactly who he was or what he looked like even, but he wanted to have some fun and he convinced me to run through halls. That's when my mother disappeared. But I felt like we'd get in trouble for making so much noise, running through these halls, and I didn't want to get in trouble. But he took my hand and said otherwise and we started running.

We opened a door and ran through a long hall to
another door, and opened it, and ran through another hall
and we kept doing this and opening these doors to
these hallways and opening these doors to the unknown
and running through loud hallways. And my fear of getting
in trouble still remained but so did my fear of the unknown
and neither really did matter that much anymore
because every door led to a shorter and shorter hallway
and we both knew we were getting somewhere. And finally
we opened the last door and ran into the world.

We stopped and caught our breaths.

And there we stood on this ledge.


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