My monthly recap.

It's the end of January, and I couldn't be happier with the way things panned out. Well, that may be an over-sense of optimism (and yes, that is possible) but at least I'm content. This month proved to put myself in others' shoes and see things from their perspective... maybe a certain someone that I've clung to in the recent past out of fear and brattiness. Either way, I managed to bump into individuals on my path that made me realize several valuable things:

1. Nobody can make you happy but yourself. This may be an obvious piece of advice but it's easy to forget. Having a girlfriend cannot make you happy. Nor can being in love. At least not permanently.

2. Nothing that's worth having in life comes easy. This can also be applied to Professor Pavic's language barrier and the amount of physics she assigns her students. Incidentally, it can also be applied to dating. Look, if you call someone all the time and tell them real nice things and she/he's not even sure how they feel about you yet, that's a good way to scare them off. As much as I hate working for things, sound affirmation has proven that it's just that much better in the end. (I'll try and remember this one when I'm pulling out my hair trying to retain all this science stuff.)

3. Don't be afraid to say, "No." You can't please everyone and sometimes pleasing others results in not feeling pleased with yourself and your decisions.

4. Keep a light heart. This is possibly the single most thing I've been working on for about a year now and sometimes learning is achieved through observation of others. Life doesn't happen because you force it to, life just happens. After a month spent watching others, I get it.

5. And finally, you will move on when you're ready to. Believe me. And trust me. You will.

So January, it seems you've been 31 days of wearing the opposite pair of shoes. And they say that if the shoe fits then wear it.

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