viva la succulents!

I was close to killing my succulents and I had became rather annoyed at the possibility. I thought my love for such a beautiful plant was mostly on account of their self-sufficiency, their ability to withstand the driest of days without hope of a single drink. A cold front had come through and honestly, it wasn't even that bad. But there they were, shrinking before my eyes. Bending and folding, overwatered and under lighted. And I was willing to stop MY life. And to bring them into MY home. And to place them by MY windowsill. And I cracked the blinds a bit and walked away. Actually, I walked away for a real long time. And the bottom of my heart prayed they'd make it... but my actions said otherwise. Secretly, I was just waiting. Waiting for them to die. I paid no mind and distanced myself from them. I can always buy new ones, I told myself. We've been through some times, but I can always buy new ones.

It's been over a week since I've checked up on them. My!- how vivacious they've become! Their fleshy leaves thrusting towards the sky, a vibrant shade of green. In an absent-- but rather parallel-- life I've managed to keep my love in tact. Yes little plant, show me how self-sufficient you can truly be.