I am a bird. You put me in a cage so that you could admire my wings. And the cage is big enough for you to watch me spread my wings. And I'm a caged bird and I flap my wings aimlessly. I've learned how to create lift in my wings, but I don't get very far. And you sit and you admire me from your desk- ahh... your little caged bird with her beautiful caged wings.

And I am a bird who sings tweet tweet. Don't you love to hear me sing? Before bed you say to me, "Please little bird with the beautiful wings, won't you sing for me? I am lonely tonight and I need to sleep." So I'll tweet and I'll tweet and I'll watch you sleep.
These wings don't know how to flap anymore. They begin to feel heavy now. And you come over to my cage and ask, "Hey little bird, won't you show me your wings?" I look at you with sorrow and regret. I open my mouth and say, "I am a caged bird who wants to flap her wings, I'm sorry sir... but please set me free." And you're a sad man (only after me.) You built a good home for me. I was your beautiful bird who always wanted to sing.

But I'm a caged bird who wants to spread her wings. Please sir, just set me free.

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