I saw Phoenix and it looked so pretty and then it reminded me of what I need to be thankful for: that which I have, not that which I want.

I saw Phoenix and it made me calm and I suddenly remembered for the first time in over a year that Phoenix never really calmed me. Mostly anyway (usually at the tops of mountains it could.)

And I saw Phoenix and I thought San Francisco. And when there was Phoenix I wanted California and then I had Fresno and I missed Phoenix forever. And when you take away all the bad, all you're left with is all the good.

I don't remember loving Phoenix when I was there. I don't remember loving San Francisco, since I'm here.

So I'm thankful for all that I have. Opportunities, chance, opportunities, willingness, forgiveness. My family- my 8 day vacation back to reality resounds that reality is back to the north in San Francisco. So I'll take a better attitude and I'll remember that what I loved most about Phoenix was its ability make me real uncomfortable, because once the discomfort was over, there was change.

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