I'm too forward and my personality is very strong. I'm usually sarcastic, and I make a lot of dry comments. I try to sensor myself, but I believe the bulk of humanity are a bunch of pussies. I bite my nails and the skin around it, so my hands are very ugly. Oh, my shoes don't fit too right so my feet are ugly, too. I wash my hair every few days or so and sometimes it smells really sour. I never take off my my makeup at night- my mom says my eyelashes will fall out this way. Sometimes I remember to brush my teeth. I stutter occasionally. This is because my mouth is acting quicker than my brain. So, I never think before I speak either. I'm hypersensitive and over-emotional, once a month for sure, but sometimes once a week as well. Playing games is fun!- either at a bar or after the bar or the next morning when he's making breakfast or the week that follows when I don't return his calls. I'm a pyromaniac, too. I like burning bridges I've spent months crossing. And when life gets a little too tough I like to get the hell out of dodge.

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