I've rearranged my bedroom about 4 times since I moved into this place, 4 months ago. The first time I laid out things, I knew it would be temporary. There were no pictures on the wall yet, I hadn't really owned any furniture except a dresser. But it felt too big and I like small spaces, so I moved things around again. But this time I made room for a desk and for pictures and for other things to go on the wall. And it was pretty nice, I mean, I was satisfied with it. But people would come over and they'd always remark on how much space there was. And they don't live in my room so why should I care? But they had a point- there was too much space. So one day I came home and I just stood there, looking at all that space. And my dresser is on casters and my bed frame is on casters too, so I started pushing things around my room. But my desk wasn't on casters and I'm too impatient, I couldn't wait for one of my roommates to get home. I tried to move the desk and it was so cheap that it broke and there goes $30. So then I put my bed in the middle and the space was fine in terms of size but this time it was awkward. Too less space on the left and too less space on the right. Now, I was just was just wasting space. So the other night I got the urge to move my room around, and I'm finally satisfied with the way it turned out.

Except, there's a big empty space (that I temporarily filled with a chair) right below my picture frames. You know, a space that's perfect for a desk. You know, the same space my desk originally occupied before I decided to get impatient and move things around.

Funny when life works out that way.

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