What a beautiful year.

I can't hate 2011. I refuse to hate something that's challenged me to be a better person.

(A blog recap-)

January seems so long ago. The older kids like to say that life goes faster the older you get, and although I saw the truth in that statement circa 21-years, it feels like I've barely blinked and it's already going to be a new year. So much has happened and so much has changed since the ball dropped 12 months ago. How exciting! Here are some of my favorite life-lessons from 2010:

1. Relax. Maturity (to some degree) = apathy. My mother would strongly agree I was the most high-strung child and teenager, and everything in life happened in doses of extreme. It took me a very long time to wholly understand the feeling of letting go. It also took me a long time to understand the feeling of not being in control. (My roommates may want to vouch to that, but hey! I'm getting better...)

2. I cannot control others, I can only control the decisions I make. I feel like that statement can only be accurate for 2010 if it's followed by: don't waste your time with those who don't wanna waste some time with you.

3. Hard work and perseverance go a very long way (see also: my B in Physics.) Fighting for something makes you appreciate it more (see also: San Francisco State reversing their decisions to admit me into their campus after running through several loop-holes.)

4. My yearly mantra (which was often negated a la anxiety): "I am at the right place, at the right time, for the right reason." San Francisco, that one's for you.

5. Family can teach you a lot about yourself. I had the fortunate experience of spending the greater parts of my days off in Los Angeles, and I cannot be more thankful for this. Being older has allowed me a different experience and relationship with my Aunts, Uncles, and especially- mother. Seeing how much we're all alike is uncanny, but it's very settling.

The best kind of change is the change that happens naturally, when nothing is forced. The best kind of change is realized only upon retrospect. I know I have a long way to go on my path, and I've barely yet taken a few steps, but the end of my adolescence is so close that I can only smile knowing that it's all downhill from here.

I think I'm finally starting to do things right, so my only real resolution is to make time for yoga!

Goodbye 2010, you were a beautiful year!

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