One mistake in a subtle way like I'm walking again, all on me

but 2003 was a tumultuous year and i didn't want to get up out of bed (ever) and in 2004 it got a little bit better but it became mostly worse (in a different way) and then by chance i found you and 2005 just progressed farther and farther away from myself (and everything i knew). well 2006 was heavy (real heavy, man... those were some days) and in 2007 i shouted stuck between walls in my head. in 2008 i lifted my veil (or opened my eyes, and eyes, and eyes) and in 2009 i ran east (or opened my hands, and hands, and hands) and in 2010 i was freed.

so there you go: my past 8 years in 3 sentences.

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