I need a cushy desk job with a decorative pen canister, or I'll have the burger with curly fries.

Man at the bar told me I walk too tight. And he put his hands on my hip socket and he jiggled it around a little and we kept walking and he says, "There you go."

And after the bar we did some more walking and he goes, "You're still really stiff. You know, has anyone told you how much of yourself you give away just by your appearance?"- And ironically, my Professor had subtly pointed that out today- and he said, "Think about how much more you can guard if you didn't let people read so much of you."

And my head pulled up my back, strong
And I slammed down each step with conviction
And I shook those damn hips
and I let that hair sway back and forth across my back
left, right, left, right, one, two, one, two
that's the step, one, two

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bojangles. said...

I hadn't read this until just now but saw that we both used "tight" in our most recent posts. We should play off of each other more often. You're the only other friend who writes (who is worth reading).