Shake you off,
Shake me off,
Shake me off of you.

"Do You Want The Freudian Response?"
modernity, modernity-- the irony!
"That which I hath no control of, so I now seek to control."
But won't you let me control?

The doctor says take a week,
take a week to yourself.
But I just need a day or two,
there aren't enough days in the week,
hours in the day,
minutes in the hour.

Holy Mary,
full of Grace.
The Lord cannot be my shepherd,
no no no.
(Let it go,
it's written for you anyway.)

"I knew the girl once,
and when I came to,
she had left already."
But down the road,
there's a path of destruction.
Follow the destruction,
follow follow followw-w-w-.

Shake me off,
shake you off,
you!-shake me off- you! you!

There is a place in the dark of my heart,
wherein lies a vast series of complexities,
and insecurities,
and impotency,
of mind and body disparity
of mind-language disparity
of language inadequacy.

Shake me,
shake me,
shake me--
or let you break me.

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