I've never experienced a rut in my life where I'm unable to express myself through written words. For the first time in my life I feel like my words have absolutely no meaning. No matter how much I covey to him how uncomfortable it makes me feel, no matter how badly I try to paint an image of disrespect using words, no matter how much I convey my feelings are hurt ... these words. They have absolutely no meaning.

So why should I write anymore? Why articulate? Why express? Why communicate? Why convey? Why talk? They're just my words. They've absolutely no meaning to you, anyway.

When a woman feels like she can't communicate, then we have a problem. When a woman feels like she's being silenced, mouth cupped or ears covered or no, you don't understand. When a woman feels like she's misunderstood, then there. You have your problem. Call it hers all you want, maybe she'll take responsibility. But she'll put the blame on you 'cause as a woman her only strength is to communicate.

When you don't hear, you tell her you're not listening. When you don't understand, you tell her she's nothin'. And when you don't, you've done it. You've made her lose her cool, her glitz, her glam.

She ain't nobody special no more. She just a girl who like to talk and don't nobody ever listen.

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