here we come to the end of something old and to the start of something new.

it's no surprise to me that i'm hard on myself but maybe i'm hard on others, too. look, i don't know what a perfect balance is supposed to be. therapy never taught me how to live in the gray-- only what is and what isn't. 

busy, busy, busy, no time to stop, no time to settle, busy, busy. i'm restless today and i should enjoy it because after sunday there will be no stops and no breaks and no time for self indulgence. and i'll go from work to school and from school to work and then on some days i'll go from work-to-work and then work and then back to school. this is why i moved home: i wanted to feel the struggle of being a student to the system and a slave to the man. some people just like to complicate life for themselves. guilty.

i heard someone on the tv and it sparked my interest. she said, "you've got to look in the mirror and say, 'i'm beautiful, i deserve the best and i'm going to be picky.'"

i'm beautiful.

i deserve the best.

and i'm going to be picky.

but now, i haven't the time. (this is my defense.)

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India Daisy said...

I wonder if telling yourself that everyday, it will work? mmmmmmmm