But I have read the right books to interpret your looks.

and i am blue.
and unwell.
make me bold
like a horse.

She sat on my couch and looked down by the fireplace. So much anger in her eyes. She opened her mouth and remarked, "Why did my Mom buy you that stupid little horse?" I shrugged my shoulders, "Maybe she thought it was cute?" "Yeah, well... I want to punch its stupid face." Astounded, my face became confused and I blinked. "It's a stuffed animal," was all I could say.

Turns out, she always wanted a horse.


mmm k. said...

too bad joanna newsom evokes great writing :)

s. fajardo said...

actually, i was listening to the final fantasy cover of that, which is way better, in my opinion. also, i found it rather ironic because i was going to write a post about my cousin and that horse, and that song came on.