For my special friend.

That's Life though, it happens to you when you least expect it.

My favorite memory of us will be the night we sat across from each other at the dining room table. That table was nice and it was high and it was set for guests, but we always liked the coffee table best. And there was La Puente, there was Sylmar, there was baseball, there was Fresno. And there was English, and there was baking, and there were shots being poured. We didn't slur our speech but the alcohol made us vulnerable- not to each other, but to ourselves. Emotion flowed up from our hearts and made its way easily out our throats, as though our hearts wanted us to tell each other what we kept secret for so long. Your beautiful eyes, so bright, so green. My big brown eyes, filled with tears. Yesterday, you came into my life. And you did make me the happiest in those times, so happy I forgot that tomorrow you'd leave.

So, life happened when you walked in. Life will happen when you walk out. But that's life though... it happens to you when you least expect it.

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