Does it satisfy you?

We are all daughters of sisters and yet we've all been conditioned so differently.

I am in a state of limbo.
A state of no discretion
there is no (mindful) succession.
A stalemate drawn down the center,
I sit wonted in nomansland.
And I tell her my fury,
my debates,
the arguments with myself.
And she sits quietly and she listens and she opens her mouth to say,
(Or amour.)
I tell her I need to believe,
I need to hope,
I need to push further.
This bet is getting high and I don't have much money left to wager.
Do I front the rest? Or do I walk?
So we lay there... we talk, we talk, I talk, we talk.
Convince or deny- I try my hardest to be right. (Well, in my mind.)
By midnight I throw up my arms and say, "This is enough!"
Light, light, light.
I tell her, "Okay, blood. I've heard enough!"
In the morning I'll go down to board the next train.
Choo! Choo! It's coming now.
(But it's behind me that I leer.)
It stops before me- dare I take a step?
Choo! Choo!- Ch-ch-ch-changes.
Chugachugachuga, changes!
Are coming near.

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