I've ran out of all the usual excuses,
my doctors- they won't sign off on any more notes.
I always made a present home
and I always kept a past one, too.
But I can't run back to that big comfy bed,
so now where's to run instead?
My problems- they got me by the neck.
My teachers? they got me by the neck.
My bosses? they've all got me by the neck.
so where's to turn now instead?
I could make a place up against this wall,
or my back likes the pressure.
I could close my eyes,
like a vivid dream I could see it all.
If this life were like a dance,
like you could sway and-- or stay, then sway,
and you could creep and stand on the tips of your toes,
and the only rule would be don't step out of the lines.
You can get real close to the edge,
and then where's to run instead?

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